Saturday, January 10, 2009

Do Better, Live Better in 2009

Best wishes for 2009! As we face a challenging economic world we must remain positive no matter what! By remaining positive one can at least face what is ahead. This is why Circle of Voices Inc., a public charity is offering innovative forms of information to empower womyn of different sexual preferences and cultures as a way to address decisions regarding life experiences, which will enable them to view their environment with more optimistic and offer dynamic solutions is back.

We are a Womyn of African Descent (WOAD) and Womyn of Color (WOC) organization that provide informative events to establish a healthier, more enriched and creative arts environment. We reflect all orientations and we exchange information, herstories, knowledge and skills amongst each other and the community at large through performances, workshops, music festivals and seminars to communicate issues that affect our environment.

COV Inc. in association with LAP (Lesbian AIDS Project) are currently offering workshops every 1st and 3rd Fridays until May and at The LGBT Center every 5th Friday, both 6pm-8pm through Circle of Voices Inc.-"Do Better-Live Better Series".

We are hosting workshops that address, Woman’s Health concerns like Obesity, Women Preparation for Yoga with Andrea Downes, Holistic Health Counselor of, Alternative Health with Julia Bennet, L.Ac., Acupunture and Herbal Medicine of, "Bi-sexuality -The Behavior", with Donna Redd, founder of SISTAH, (Sistahs in Search for Truth and Harmony), and more.

COV Inc. is planning workshops that will give you a chance to voices life and the changes that have occurred over the years. We must be made aware of the different terminology and expressions used today from AG, Questioning, Non-Conforming, Gender Preferred Pronoun, how to have safer the safe sex, in order to respect, understand and feel comfortable with the life of today.

We are are also offering the-" Do Better-Live Better Challenge" at The Center. We will discuss how to make life better in 2009. Prepare a wish list so one can work on a plan with some help from the circle. We are going to offer a challenge to track your progress for the upcoming Pride season. We want to share trips that we can enjoy together and more. So bring a friend or make one to help you make 2009 exceed your wildest expectations. We are preparing events that will address finance, marriage equality, legal rights and more....

Do you what to talk, share ideas, and found there are less places to go, well come on down, get out of the house, and get ready to march during pride with us!

If you want more information concerning HIV Testing please let us know.

We provide free Safe Sex Kits, attend Pussy Pack Parties too!

Proposals for workshops welcomed, please feel free to contact us, by providing a brief description.
Writers, artist, storytellers, professionals talk to us!

For more information email: We will be glad to send you updates.
Look for, our new website shortly. (Under Construction)

We need Volunteers, please tell us how you think you can help.

The Founder, started her work as a way to give Womyn of African Descent and Womyn of Color the 1st Womyn of Color East Coast Music Festival in 1993, since other festivals were so European, in style and not for filling the cultural needs of multi-cultural womyn.
This story is legendary due to that need. The Founder created a Womyn of Color Tent at several festivals. This gave a voice to the multi-cultural womyn giving them a place to meet to play their songs, drum, and discuss issues important to them and thus this grew into Circle of Voices Inc.

Lesbian AIDS Project (LAP), New York State and City's premiere program geared specifically toward outreach, HIV prevention education information that supports the reduction of high-risk behaviors of lesbian, bisexual and other women who have sex with women. LAP is the host of our world-famous Pussy Packs, safer sex kits especially designed for women.